Foodie International Takes Manhattan

Takoyaki has gone viral. From the streets of Osaka to New York City’s East Village, this Japanese junk food fills its own foodie niche. Warm, pancake batter-like balls filled with savory octopus are cooked in a special iron pan. The takoyaki are drizzled with sweet takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise then topped with green aonori and shaved bonito flakes.

Takoyaki from Otafuku 236 East 9th St., New York NY

Foodie International: the Relaunch!

 100,000 Miles for 100 Meals and a Brand New Website Design

Foodie International

Today’s BIG announcement is that Foodie International is bigger and better than ever before, with a swanky new look and a different hosting site.


Stay tuned to tumblr for mouthwatering travel tips, tricks and treats from exciting around-the-world culinary adventures.

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